Today, business plays an increasingly critical role…

in taking on our world’s most pressing social, environmental and economic issues. With our size and scale, we have a global responsibility and a unique opportunity to be a force for good. Guided by our 2025 Sustainability and Social Impact Goals, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we commit to creating positive and sustainable impact wherever we do business.

We believe in making the communities where we operate better places to live, work and visit.

To support the resiliency and sustainable development of these communities, we invest in the vitality of their children and natural resources, as well as deliver aid and support, especially in times of need.


We have an even greater obligation to operate responsibly with our expanding global presence

While integrating sustainability across our value chain and mitigating climate-related risk, we are working to reduce our environmental impacts, build and operate sustainable hotels and source responsibly.


Unemployment and underemployment are some of today’s most pressing issues, driven by inequality and lack of opportunity

As one of the world’s fastest growing industries, we are well positioned to be part of the solution. We partner with leading nonprofits to ensure workplace readiness and access to opportunity, focusing on youth, diverse populations, women, people with disabilities, veterans and refugees.


Travel is one of the most powerful tools for promoting peace and cultural understanding.

With the goal of creating a safe, welcoming world for all, we rally for pro-travel policies and support programs that allow people to experience and understand other cultures. Through nonprofit partnerships, creating and implementing training, advocacy and supplier accountability, we are committed to uphold and respect human rights..


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